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November 10, 11:30am

Apeeling Flights


Apeeling Flights

About us

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, thank you for choosing to fly with Apeeling Flights today. As we prepare for our flight into Sydney Harbour, let me introduce you to the pilot and cabin crew.

Lady Monique, ever so elegant, graceful and with boundless courage. She is our flight pilot today who will expertly navigate our flying machine through the skies over Sydney Harbour to success.

Then we have Olliver, the crazy daredevil who single-handedly fought a bear and won, swam up a waterfall, and went sky diving with only a napkin. This daredevil is someone to behold.

Ellen is our fashion guru. Dazzling you with her smile and dressing in style, she keeps the party going with her boundless energy. She makes sure your crew is always looking its best before take-off.

Last of all we have Leigh. With retirement beckoning around the corner, our Chief Engineer has finally cracked it and is making his last-ditch effort to make his engineering CEOs notice his creative talent.

By combining our diverse backgrounds, talents and skills, we endeavour to achieve greatness and answer the unanswered question: Can bananas fly?

In the likely event of a water landing please find an inflatable banana and towel under your seat. Please sit back and enjoy the flight!

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Team Members

Olliver – Daredevil, extreme-pusher


Monique – crash test dummy


Amy – Fashion guru, semi-pusher


Leigh – Chief Engineer, willing-to-bust-a-hip

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