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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018

November 10, 11:30am

Chip off the Old Block


Chip off the Old Block

About us

Chip off the old block presents the adventures of Steven Seagull.

The Larus Canus, aka the Common Gull, has been destroying kodak moments since the early convict picnics of 1788. Their food of choice: the delicious hot chip.
Remember the glorious moment of eating a hot chip as a kid. Well, we have decided to remind you of the moment your childhood was ruined, when the bloody bird steals your chips and flies off into the distance.

Our engineering expertise combined with our love for interpretive dance, creativity, and obsession with seagulls will ensure to produce a memorable experience which brings together these two symbiotic icons into a majestic flying experience.

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Team Members

Matt - Faceplant Expert


Dane - Duct Tape Specialist


Dom - Chief Doodler


Flynn - The Water Boy