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Flugtag 2018

November 10, 11:30am

Flamin' Gal-Air


Flamin' Gal-Air

About us

Starve the Lizards!

G’Day, you may know me as Alf Stewart, bait shop owner and Home & Away heartthrob.

But me true passion has always been in aviation. I often dreamed of spreading me pink wings and taking to the sky like Hogan’s Ghost with stick of dynamite up his clacker. Soaring through the clouds so I can look down on all those drongos in Summer Bay.

So I assembled ‘The Stewarts’ to help launch me own airline. A sorry team of mongrels, yahoos, bludgers, thrill seekers and wannabe hosties, but a damn handsome lot.

So here she is - Flamin’ Gal-Air. The fastest, most dangerous plane on the east coast.

She’s a real beaut.

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Team Members

Harry Stewart


Jeff Stewart


Emily Stewart


Lauren Stewart

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