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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018

November 10, 11:30am

Rory's Bottom Turn


Rory's Bottom Turn

About us

We are competing to raise money and awareness for the Melanoma Institute Australia in loving memory of our friend and loved one Rory Den-Besten. And what better way to do so than by sticking a flying moustache atop a surfboard and flying it across the harbour.

So remember to put in the effort and the effort is there. We promise to act like feckin cowboys and to try and avoid shoddy workmanship. And just like milkmen... we do it on your doorstep!!

Any donation that you can make to our fundraising is hugely appreciated:

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Team Members

Sean - The Crab - Captain Good Vibes


Ciaran - No Bacon


Brian Reef - Team Psychologist


Stuart Backdoor Bandit - Waterboy