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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018

November 10, 11:30am

The Soar-sage Sizzle


The Soar-sage Sizzle

About us

The sausage sizzle: an iconic & essential part of a normal Aussie life, and so is a Red Bull Flugtag competition, so our team said “por que no los dos¿” and combined the two to the sound of a Mexican fiesta. The Soar-sage Sizzle takes what all Aussies know and love as a delicious sausage sizzle, and sends it soaring through the sky! It will be made to look like a giant sausage sizzle with BOTH tomato sauce & mustard (very important!), and sprinkled with a dash of onion. To top it all off the Soar-sage Sizzle will be launched off a flaming hot barbecue to make sure that even if it doesn’t soar, it will still sizzle more than a Mongolian hotplate on a scorching summer day.

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Team Members

Codey – Doomed Pilot


Mathew – (Chicken) Leg Power


Clint – Engi-nerd


Ben – Captain Risky