Time to write aviation history again.

Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
Sunday 20TH May

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About Red Bull
Flugtag 2018

Red Bull Flugtag challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines off a 9-metre high flight deck, in the hope of soaring into the wild blue yonder…or more often, to plunge into the waters below. Flugtag, which means “flying day” in German, pushes the envelope of human-powered flight but competitors need more than airtime to reach the podium. Teams are judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft, and showmanship. These criteria have inspired flying tacos, prehistoric pterodactyls, and even Snoopy and the gang to grace the Flugtag flight decks!

In 2011, Dublin celebrated the momentous 100th anniversary of the Red Bull Flugtag series and we are bringing back the madness to the capital in May 2018. So mark your calendar and be ready for more flights, fun and foolery!

  • 1480s
  • 1799 - 1850s
  • 1800s
  • 1903
  • 1992
  • 1997
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2008
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Timeline & Dream of flight.

The story of flight

And of Red Bull Flugtag, as we are rich of history, sort of...


Leonardo da Vinci first studies human flight

Leonardo da Vinci made over 100 drawings illustrating his theories.
Notable craft: The Ornithopter


Sir George Cayley Designed Many More Gliders

He shaped the wings which allowed correct air flow giving lift to his gliders.


Otto Lilienthal first designed a glider that could fly a person long distances

German engineer, Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896) became known as the Glider King.

More 19th century aviator legends

Clément Ader
1841 - 1925

Gaston Tissandier
1843 - 1899

Alberto Santos-Dumont
1873 - 1932

Maurice Colliex
1880 - 1954


The Wright Brothers' First Flight

The two Americans regularly took to the air in gliders.
Notable achievement: first heavier-than-air flight of 120 feet at Kitty Hawk.

Helen Ditriye
1877 - 1961

Albert Ball
1896 - 1917

Gladys O'Donnell
1904 - 1973

and many more...


Red Bull Flugtag takes first flight!

Bizarre and innovative flying machines took flight in Vienna and has been held every year since.


Red Bull Flugtag leaves its home!

The viewing area in Germany was the Wannsee swimming beach in Berlin.

The first Swiss Red Bull Flugtag took place in Zürich


Dublin has its first Flugtag!

As Flugtag tours Europe, they arrive at our very own Dublin, Ireland!


New record of 62 meters!

In addition, Johannesburg had the honour of hosting the first Red Bull Flugtag outside of Europe!


Born to Fly: USA joins Flugtag

And Antwerp celebrated the 25th Red Bull Flugtag.

London's Hyde Park sets record with 350,000 Brits turning out for the UK premiere.


300,000 crowd in Hamburg's Hafencity

The huge crowd represented the year on year success of this unique event for all the family.


Half a century!

Bratislava in Slovakia held the 50th Red Bull Flugtag


Another anniversary!

So many Flugtags! The 75th Red Bull Flugtag was held in the Polish city of Posnan.


A new world record!

A whopping 63.09 meters flown in front of 90,000 lucky spectators.


A century marked in Dublin!

On May 22nd the 100th Red Bull Flugtag took place in the Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Dublin!


20th Birthday celebration

The biggest celebration was met with a new world record of 69.79 meters on May 28th, 2012 in Mainz (Germany).

The Red Bull Flugtag spectacle moved on also to Singapore (for the first time!), and finally back to its roots in Vienna (Austria)

Any Questions?



Red Bull Flugtag is an international event where teams will have to construct, display, and launch a self-made flying contraption off a ramp above water! Some will fly briefly, and some will flop in front of thousands watching that day! The competition is marked by three criteria: distance, creativity of craft and showmanship. A true Flugtag champion flies with flair!


Red Bull Flugtag will arrive at Dun Laoghaire Harbour on Sunday, 20th May 2018, with the event commencing at 12pm. As there will be crowd control measures to manage the flow of spectators, please allow yourself plenty of time to move around the site if you are meeting friends.


Flugtag, which is pronounced FLOOG-TOG, means “flying day” in German.


Depends on your imagination! Red Bull Flugtag flying machines range from realistic plane replicas to, well, anything really! Past crafts include Santa and his sleigh, a flying toilet and even a cheeseburger with wings. To gain showmanship points, participants often wear outrageous costumes, act out skits, and dance to their own music soundtracks!


All flying machines must be human-powered.
That means no engines, no petrol, batteries, electrical cords, catapults etc. allowed!
Craft pilots must be at least 18 years old. Each team is made up of 5 people.

At most 6m wide, 2.5m tall and 6m long
Max. weight: 200 kg (excluding pilot)
Safety check has to be in place for each flight machine, prior the event

Additional Rules/Regs:
No catapulting (must be pushed from rear)
No Parachutes

For the full rules, click (yes you’ve guessed it) ‘Rules’ down below!


The current world record flight is 78.5 meters and was set on 21st September 2013, in Long Beach, CA by “The Chicken Whisperers”. Good cluck beating it this year!


All team members must be over 18 to participate in Red Bull Flugtag. There is no entry fee to apply or compete.

To spectate, all are welcome and it’s free!

What's the prize for winning?

1st Prize: Top Gun

Red Bull will give the winning team wings in the shape of Flying lessons at one of  Ireland’s Top Flying schools.

But if you’ve had enough of heavy landings – you could just take the 3000 euro and run!

2nd Prize: Gliders’ Paradise

Having already demonstrated their flying ‘potential’, our runners up will have an opportunity to take to the skies once more… in a microlight plane! The prize winners will spend the day at flight school, and enjoy a unique experience. Our ground crew will be on hand to ensure they have a day to remember.

However, if gliding’s not their thing, they can take 1500 euro instead.

3rd Prize: Tandem Parachute Jump

Tandem parachuting? No, they won’t be jumping from a plane strapped to a bicycle made for two. Instead, the team will get the chance to jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet!

For their own safety, they will not only be strapped to a parachute but also an experienced sky-driving instructor. Again, if this doesn’t float your boat, take the 1000 euro instead.

How do I get there to watch?

You can take the Dart or bus from the Dublin city centre to the station of Dun Laoghaire, walk towards the harbour and you are there!

There will be limited parking and part road closures, so we recommend taking public transport!

For more info click here.

Does the event have access and amenities for people with disabilities?

Yes, there will be a designated area for people with disabilities on Carlisle pier.

What should I bring to enjoy the day?

Not much! You can get food and drink at local restaurants, cafes and shops, but spectators are welcome to bring their own picnic lunch.
We recommend bringing sun protection, and suitable clothing for all weather… it is Ireland after all!

What should I not bring?

Please, for the safety of the event, do not bring alcohol, glass containers, pets, and hover/skate/long-boards.
Please remember the enjoyment of the other spectators. No tents, shade structures, beach umbrellas; so essentially no reserving of unattended areas or anything that would obstruct other people’s view. Just be sound!
Also, please remember the environment! No plastic sheeting/tarp on grass and no barbeques or sparklers. And finally please use the bins provided, or even better take it home to recycle!

What about the weather?

If it rains, the event will go on! But if there is extreme weather, check the website for further details.

Can I bring my boat and watch the event from it?

Yes, but we are expecting lots of boat traffic, so we suggest getting to your preferred position as early as possible. There is an exclusion zone where you will not be permitted to enter due to safety reasons which will be marked on the site map.

The rules







Red Bull Flugtag is meant to be an enjoyable day out for participants and spectators, but there is clearly an element of risk involved in leaping into a river off a 9-metre-high ramp and relying on a homemade aircraft for support. The basic rules below are an absolute requirement for participants.

All participants who jump MUST wear a life jacket and helmet provided by the production team.

The Pilot MUST NOT be strapped into the plane, or enclosed in any capsule or cockpit from which they can’t readily escape. Pilots must ride a top of the craft in a crouch position.

Any costume you wear must not pose any risk of getting caught in the aircraft or hampering the Pilot’s ability to see, breath or stay afloat. Pilots must also have a clear view (no obstruction to pilot’s face (mask, glasses, etc).

All Pilots and Ground Crew who jump must be able to swim 100 yards unaided. When you design your costumes, remember you will have to swim in them…

Each team is responsible for the safe design and construction of their aircraft, and we’ll help wherever we can. Your design will be subject to inspection by our Safety Team, who will do all they can to ensure your flight is safe. If the Safety Team isn’t 100% satisfied, you will have to make adjustments.

When you are finalizing construction on site, and when you launch, the Pilot and Ground Crew

shall not be under the influence of alcohol.  This also means not jumping with a serious hangover.  Any team or person who does appear under the influence will be disqualified.

You will be launching into water, so make sure your craft floats.  Wherever possible select materials which are lighter than water (wood and plastics) rather than metal.  Obviously there may be parts of the craft which require metal in their design, in which case, make sure these are attached to some kind of flotation device.

Only Human Power is permitted – no motors, rockets, battery power or sneaky elastic bands.

Your entry must be entirely designed and constructed by the Team; you cannot adapt a light aircraft or hang-gliders.

Your design must be no longer that 6 metres from wing-tip to wing-tip (assuming it has such things as wings), and no longer than 6 metres from nose to tail (assuming it has these too). Max weight is 200 kg (excluding pilot) with the craft height no more than 2.5 metres.

Your aircraft needs to get up the flight deck ramp and be recovered from the river, so make it as light as possible – and preferably use materials which don’t become waterlogged (like heavy fabrics).  This also applies to your costumes.

Avoid the use of any toxic material or substance which may dissolve into the river.  We have a duty to protect the environment we’re using and this means selecting build materials carefully.  You are also strongly advised not to use materials which may fragment or be hard to clear up.

When you are designing and building, consider what is likely to happen when it hits the water.  Make sure there are no hard or sharp surfaces around the cockpit which may cause injury.  Round off those corners and make sure no nails, screws or other sharp fixings project near handholds or the Pilot.

All crafts will be recovered from the river by the production team and trashed on a barge….

Each team shall consist of five people: one Pilot and four Ground Crew members.

All participants must be over the age of 18.

All participants must be fit and well at the time of the jump, and free of any medical condition which may be exacerbated by participation.

chisel team

Fast is good, but outrageous is even better.

Team Box

Calling the fearless, the fun loving and the foolhardy.

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Permission to Land: The teams have been chosen

Monday 09. April 2018

Permission to Land: The teams have been chosen

Thank you to all who had applied, but after much deliberation at air traffic control, we have allowed the take-off (and impending landing) of the teams listed below.

For choosing our finalists, we stuck to the same three criteria that will be used for competition day; distance, creativity of craft and showmanship. And this year did not disappoint; from blue-sky thinking to aviation artistry, we have an exciting Red Bull Flugtag ahead…

With team updates on the website, you can join in on their journey. Why not support your local team? Or discover a creative project? Or follow a crew with a lot of craic.  Regardless, you can watch their concepts jump from paper to plane, right up to their flying day, on Sunday 20th May in Dun Laoghaire.


The Teams

AdAstra – Plastic Free Ocean
Air Blingus
Ariel Wings
Back to The Flugtag
Bathtub Flight Machine 2: The Prequel
Bridge to Nowhere
Craggy Island Creameries Milk Float
ET & His Red Bull Getaway Spaceship
Falcon Heavy
Farney Flappers
Feel The Rhythm
Flier Rangers
Flying Cocktail Team
Flying Viking
Fresh Flyer
Ham Glider
Lunch Money Collector
Mexa’s Flight
Mr Sir Sofishticated
Origami Peacock
Pegasus 2.0
Pirates of Prance
Power of Prayer Engineering AKA POPE Mobile
Rooting For Callum
Session Moths
Sky Pirates
The Apple of Our Isaac
The Budgie Smuggler
The Crypto Crasher
The Flying Horse
The Minionator
The Nose Dive
The Paper Aeroplane
The Pink Panther
The Plywood Pelican
The Sideshow Bobsleighs
The Silver Surfer
The Up Gaff
The Wrong Brothers
Trump Dump
Turbo Teapot
World of a Big Bug

A massive thank you to everyone who entered and we cannot wait to see you all at Dún Laoghaire pier on 20th May.

Stay up to date by following #RedBullFlugtag on FacebookInstagram Twitter over the next few weeks and don’t forget to check back to see all the team profiles.


Application deadline extended until Tuesday April 3rd

Thursday 29. March 2018

Application deadline extended until Tuesday April 3rd

To all Future Flugtaggers!

We hope you are busy planning and designing your creative flying machine! Owing to the last minute influx of application requests we are extending the deadline for you to submit your applications to Tuesday 3rd April 11pm! 

Applications can either be returned by post or emailed back to,

Just scan or attach photos of your sketches & make sure your team information, concept and design is clearly explained, using the application form… the wackier the better!

Successful teams will be notified on Friday 6th April.

Good luck!


Red Bull Flugtag Returns to Ireland!

Thursday 15. February 2018

Red Bull Flugtag Returns to Ireland!

Calling Ireland’s amateur aviators! This is an invitation from Red Bull Flugtag to anyone who is innovative (and bonkers) enough to defy gravity in front of 100,000 people this Spring…

Red Bull Flugtag is an international event where teams will have to construct, display, and launch a self-made flying contraption off a 9-metre high ramp above water. The competition is marked by three criteria: distance, the creativity of the craft and showmanship.

A quick lesson on flying… Step 1, build an aircraft with wings that will, hopefully, catch some air (a.k.a. lift!). Step 2, with a run-up, launch the aircraft from the pier (aka. thrust!). Add a final splash of Red Bull in the mix and there you have it… the physics of flying, plane and simple!

But that’s not all… a true Flugtag champion soars in style! We’ve all seen a regular plane in the sky *yawn* but what about a flying unicorn? Or a flying packet of digestives? The world is yours to command captain and we want YOU in the cockpit!

If you are interested in participating, applications open 21st February and click here for more details. For any of you sensible enough to believe in gravity, support your flying friends online with the Flugtag conversation and join them for a day of fun at Dún Laoghaire Pier on Sunday, 20th May!

The sky’s the limit!



WATCH: How did the Chicken Break the World Record?

Thursday 15. February 2018

WATCH: How did the Chicken Break the World Record?

Ever wondered why the chicken crossed the road? Or which came first, the chicken or the egg? Our feathered friends are one of the greatest mysteries in the animal kingdom.

In 2013 we finally got some answers… why did these chickens jump off a pier in an attempt to fly? As they were taking part in Red Bull Flugtag of course! Introducing ‘The Chicken Whisperers’, who are here to bridge the gap between us and our poultry pals to put an end to this enigma.

This is what we finally discovered… chickens, against popular belief, can fly. They kept this one secret, those crafty chickens, and boy what a craft these chickens had.

Their World Record flight was so astonishing it made the end of Chicken Run seem rather average. They managed to fly an astonishing 78.5 meters (that’s the length of 261.6 chickens in an orderly line). They beat the previous record by 9 meters, and so officially flew to the top of the pecking order.

We’ve finally discovered the vital truth about being a chicken, not afraid or weak, but defiant and brave.

Red Bull Flugtag is ready for Dublin; we just need you to sign-up, soar and break the record. Or are you not chicken enough?

Let your imagination take flight.

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