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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dublin, 20. May 2018.

Bathtub Flight Machine 2: The Prequel

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Bathtub Flight Machine 2: The Prequel

About us

The Bathroom Bandits would like to present Ireland's first flying bathtub!

Our daring entry will feature:
-5 Dashing desperadoes donning Victorian swimsuits
-A Dance routine that will blow your bathing suit off
-A bespoke bathing/flying contraption complete with shower curtain wings
-Detachable soap dispenser

As a team compromising of engineers, stand-up comic and a certified Dublin Pint-man. The Bathroom Bandits want "Bathtub Time Machine 2: The prequel" to have an unforgettable maiden voyage with plenty of suds, splashes, and spontaneity... and suds.

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