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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dublin, 20. May 2018.

Flying Viking

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Team Members

Mateusz Mokrogulski


Alex Sfetcu


Adam Kuryła


Oskar Jakóbik


Bartek Barcik



Flying Viking

About us

We are a team of close friends who wants to participate on this great event. Myself and Alex are extreme sport lovers such as kite-surfing, freestyle skiing, downhill MTB. Our captain is a motocross and enduro rider, and has good leading skills. We are both members of formula student racing team (VIA Hunters).

It is hard for us (since we are a Danish team) to build a flying, good looking and transportable plane. We have had to make some compromise. Our plane will be similar to a hang glider with some funny logos on it.

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