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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dublin, 20. May 2018.

Fresh Flyer

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Team Members

Barry - Pilot


Conor - Power Unit 1


Craig - Captain


Sean - Designer and Diver


Shane - Power Unit 2



Fresh Flyer

About us

Who doesn't love the Fresh Prince? We plan to bring West Philly to Dun Laoghaire. Uncle Phil, Carlton and his signature dance moves, Aunt Vivian and the main man himself, Willard.

We're going to wow the crowds with the full opening sequence to Fresh prince of Bel Air (our Custom made Ghetto Blaster providing the tunes) before sending Willard to Bel Air in the Red Bull Cab, complete with dice in the mirror.

That's creativity and performance covered off. We'll be hoping for a tail wind on the day to provide the distance!

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