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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dublin, 20. May 2018.

Ham Glider


Ham Glider

About us

Archie the famous flying pig has been captured by the renowned Butcher Boi gang from Cork who believe pigs should be fried and not flown.
They plan to celebrate his capture with a hog roast by placing Archie on the BBQ.
However Martin “ The Famous Fryer ” Murphy has a change of heart and looks to set Archie free,
Will the Butcher Boi’s enjoy there EPIG feast?
Or will Archie the famous flying pig live to fly another day??

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Team Members

Willie “Mad Hog” Kelly


Matin “The Famous Fryer “ Murphy


Shane “ The Baldy Butcher” Murphy


Luke “Da Young Offender”Dunlea