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Red Bull
Flugtag 2018.

Dublin, 20. May 2018.

The Plywood Pelican


The Plywood Pelican

About us

A ragtag team of final year UCC students comprising of an Engineer, a Lawyer, a Business man, and a Drummer. Simpsons enthusiasts who didn't have enough money to book flights for our J1 so we decided that if we put enough effort into our Flugtag craft, it might be able carry us all the way to the US of A. For media inquiries, turn up at An Bróg, Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork, any Friday night and look for the group of guys drinking stout and chainsmoking rollies while shouting the lyrics to Fat Lip at nobody in particular (there'll be no women in the vicinity).

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Team Members

Disco Stu


Sebastian Cobb


Sideshow Bob


Troy McClure