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Miley and the Wrecking Balls

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Team Members

Dean Shortland


Jason Waynick


Web Webster


Jerry Jordan


Scott Naylor



Miley and the Wrecking Balls

About us

Miley and the Wrecking Balls is a middle-aged, all-male team, who are co-workers at Griffin Technology in Nashville, TN. We are pretty darn excited for Sept 23rd because this is an opportunity to show our bravery and engineering expertise and go swimming, near naked, in the Cumberland River without getting hassled by the cops.

We're building our Survivor Soar in our very own state-of-the-art development lab at our office. Why will the Survivor Soar fly the farthest? Well, it's being designed by someone who actually has aeronautics experience. Oh, and our pilot is a mere wisp of a man.

We have an actor, an Australian, a metalworker, a world traveler, an engineer, and a product developer on our team. We're quite the bunch. If everything above doesn't convince you to come cheer for us on Sept 23rd here are three more words for you:

Tight White Tank-tops.

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